Abstracts of the presentations made at PCVS2023 without full papers



This paper presents the abstracts of the presentations made at PCVS2023 without full papers.

Author Biography

  • Jobrun Nandong, Curtin University Malaysia

    Jobrun Nandong obtained his MEng degree from Imperial College (1999) and PhD degree from Curtin University (2011). He has been with the Department of Chemical Engineering at Curtin University Malaysia for about 20 years and has been teaching Process Control, Advanced Modelling and Control, Engineering Sustainable Development and a few other units. His research interests are in process modelling, design and control with specific applications in the areas of renewable energy, multi-scale model and control, bioactive extraction processes, antimalarial drug formulation from natural plants and intelligent process plants. He established the novel multi-scale control theory which has wide applicability in the control applications. He served as the first chair of the Intelligent Systems, Design and Control (ISDCON) Cluster at Curtin University Malaysia, and also a member of the IChemE and charted chemical engineer with the institute.




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